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QUADRIA manufactures all its ranges of overhead bins and composters.
We work with 4 engineering offices for the design of our equipment and 8 French factories for their production.

Our development and design activities are essential to remain at the forefront of innovation. Every year we develop new products, in collaboration with our design offices, with a view to increasing functionality and resistance.

To guarantee optimal quality, our products are manufactured in French factories with expertise in the fields of plastics and boiler making.

100% French manufacturing

The processes for transforming plastics combine the techniques of rotational moulding, injection, colouring and transformation of virgin or recycled plastics.

We have chosen to produce in France, in factories committed to the circular economy. These factories are ISO 9001 certified, employ 260 people and produce more than 2000 columns and 100,000 composters every year.

History of our creations


Launching the Smily range


Launching the Compostys® range


Launching the Picumnus range


Launching the Linéance® range


Launching the Cuba range


Renforcing the Compostys® range


Launching the underground containers range


Renforcing the Linéance® range


Renforcing the Lolly range


Launching the Compostys® wood range


Renforcing the Compostys® range

Quality is our priority

At QUADRIA, upstream design and development activities are essential to remain at the forefront of innovation.
We develop one or more new products each year.