In-ground containers

In-ground containers

In-ground containers are the most suitable solution for the collection of the different flows, combining aesthetics, space saving and cost reduction.

  • Aesthetic
  • Ecological
  • Cost effective
  • Robust
Waste taken in charge
  • Glass
  • Packaging
  • Paper
  • Household waste

Expert opinion

"By its very concept, the in-ground container is a product with a future, perfectly in line with the will of elected officials."

Bruno V.

Quadria adviser
  • Customizable Test
  • Modèle normalisé



  • No visual pollution inherent to all above-ground collection systems.
  • A wide range of openings to facilitate landscaping and to make them similar to street furniture.



  • Less noise and odour pollution.
  • Less damage from pests and stray animals
  • Through the voluntary disposal of waste in the area, citizens have a truly ecological attitude.
  • Reduced carbon footprint due to fewer truck rotations as a result of optimised collection frequencies and rounds.


Cost effective

  • Increased storage capacity meaning a reduced number of collections.
  • The collection costs for an in-ground container with a crane truck are 50% less than for a conventional kerbside system with a refuse collection truck.
  • Reduced collection costs because there are fewer “stops” and fewer staff.
  • Less traffic disruption.
  • With the optional fill level indicator, collection is no longer systematic but depends on the need for collection.


Solid & robust

  • The manufacturing materials used are only concrete and stainless steel.
  • 2 possible lifting systems: a single hook or Kinshofer “flex” (rotation preventer option).
  • Many options are available, including electronic access control by badge.


QUADRIA in-ground containers offer many possible combinations!


The in-ground container is a 5 m3 concrete container and a mobile galvanised steel container available in 3 different volumes: 3 m3, 4 m3 and 5 m3. It is these that hold the waste that is put in through the openings.


Made from 3 mm thick galvanised steel, the terminals we propose are robust and free of sharp edges.

Together with the pedestrian platform, the terminal is the only visible and exposed part of the system. This is why QUADRIA and its partner have paid the greatest attention to the development of this product and now propose 3 models:

  • Lumio
  • Ajaccio
  • Azur

Various finishes are available: stainless steel, grained antique grey, polyester powder coated, etc.

Gripping systems

Single (or double) hook

Kinshofer “flex” (rotation preventer option)

Flows collected

For each terminal, the insert shape and size correlate with the collected flow:

  • Residual household waste: double stainless steel drum (from 40 to 110 litres)
  • Paper / Packaging / Cardboard: stainless steel or painted galvanised steel door
  • Glass: round opening (with or without flap)



Customisable sorting instructions can be placed on our various containers.

Several formats and media are available.

Pedestrian platform

The pedestrian platform is made of 5 mm thick galvanised steel and is attached to the galvanised steel container and the filling terminal.

It is finished in overhanging, non-slip diamond plate, with sloping edges, so that rainwater is guided away from it.


Dimensions: 1700 x 1700 mm

Weight: 220 kg

Safety floor

The safety floor prevents any risk of falling when emptying the inner container.

This system, composed of 2 flaps mounted on high strength hinges, can be disengaged in halves half and provides easy access to the inside of the concrete container (vacuuming of any residual liquids, maintenance operations, etc.).

Load strength: 4 people (360 kg).


Technical specifications

Steel inner container

3 m3

4 m3

5 m3

1,34 m
1,34 m
1,34 m
1,34 m
1,34 m
1,34 m
1,52 m
2,07 m
2,63 m
Empty weight
630 kg
750 kg
870 kg
Loaded weight - Household waste
1440 kg
1860 kg
2280 kg
Loaded weight - Glass
1710 kg
2230 kg
2750 kg
Loaded weight - Newspapers, magazines
1386 kg
1786 kg
2186 kg
Loaded weight - Recyclable household packaging
1035 kg
1305 kg
1575 kg

Terminal openings





650 mm
750 mm
750 mm
715 mm
800 mm
640 mm
Terminal height
1100 mm
1000 mm
1140 mm
90 kg
90 kg
90 kg
Entry height
800 mm
800 mm
700 mm
4 units
4 units
4 units


QUADRIA takes care of everything!
Step 1

The excavation

Step 2

Delivery of the containers and terminals

Step 3

Installation of the containers

Step 4

General levelling

Step 5

Installation of the terminal

Step 6





Preventive: inspection, checks on the various functional components, adjustments and lubrication of the container mechanisms and moving parts, internal and external cleaning.

Curative: after-sales service intervention on request.



Several sound insulation options:

– On the inner container sides using a high strength textile lined with a rubber layer
– On the bottom hatches using a non-absorbent rubber mat
– On the shaft using rubber
– On the pedestrian platform using a honeycomb foam


Customised terminal

Our terminals can be covered with a special outdoor film. This “covering” makes it possible to customise the terminal, providing an optimal communication medium.

The printing is high definition digital quadri printing, with a protective lamination.


Customised platform

Several finishes are possible:

– Paving stones


– Adhesive

– …


Archimedes up-thrust prevention system

Even though the weight of the concrete container is sufficient, the addition of up-thrust prevention fins at the base of the container provides additional strength which can be very useful in areas particularly prone to flooding or variations in water table levels.


Access for large producers

The entry hole is replaced by a large hatch on the front. This system facilitates the disposal of waste by professionals bringing in large volumes.


"Market" hatch

The terminal is replaced by 2 hatches (one for the flow collection, the other for the gripping system).

This option is ideal for markets as it facilitates deposits while saving space.

Maximum hatch size: 850 x 500 mm


Access control

Terminal pre-fitted for access control (battery, card and magnetic badge reader).


Fill level detection

Thanks to the installation of a filling level sensor, “just in time” collections can be scheduled.


Opening locking system

An internal latch system is fitted to block the opening of the hatches and the drum if necessary.

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