QUADRIA recovers the bins you want to get rid of


  • Preparatory meeting

Definition of your needs, cartography, city map, on existing or new database.


  • Definition of a procedure

Reverse planning, list of priorities, creation of a form, assessment of a number of passages.


  • Bin returns

At the kerbside, notice of passage if the occupier is absent, online form, office, toll-free number, specific website.


  • Bin crushing & recycling

To give the plastic a new life.


  • Data collection

Delivery of a database to the local authority.


THE OBJECTIVE: To collect the waste container provided by the local authority from each user (replacement by a new container possible).

In France, the destination of our waste is as follows: Incineration: 30% / Landfill: 36 % / Material recycling: 20% / Composting: 14 %.

Source : ADEME

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