Green waste management

Wooden Compostys®

The wooden Compostys® is one of the sustainable solutions proposed by QUADRIA. This range consists of 5 volumes of composters, all designed for easy assembly and use. The square range models are designed for private use, the hexagonal range can be used by groups.

  • Aesthetic
  • Quick assembly, no tools required
  • Robust
  • Environmentally friendly
Waste taken in charge
  • Green waste
  • Meal leftovers
  • Fermentable household waste

Expert opinion

"The Wooden "Compostys® is the new composter model created by Quadria. Made from spruce wood from sustainably managed French forests, this product is environmentally friendly and easy to use. It only takes a few minutes for one person to assemble the composter, and is just as simple to maintain!"

Caroline L.

Quadria adviser
  • Product made in France
  • Undergoing standardisation



The wooden Compostys® is made from PEFC certified spruce. Its light-coloured wood can take on various hues depending on the how much it was dried.


Quick assembly, no tools required

Delivered in a kit of 4 to 6 panels and a two-part hinged lid, the composter can be assembled in a few minutes using a system of rods sliding into hinges. Once the composter is installed, the lid (hinged in 2 parts) makes filling and mixing easier. The compost is easy to remove by opening one of the doors at the base of each panel.



The composter’s wooden slats (PEFC certified) are 18 mm thick. Our production plant is ISO 9001 certified, and our composters have a 7-year guarantee (for normal use).


Environmentally friendly

The composter is an eco-responsible product because of its very function. For QUADRIA, it was therefore important to design this product in an environmentally friendly way. Thus, 100% of the materials used in the composter are recyclable, and both our sawmill and production plant are located in the same area of France to reduce this product’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

Technical specifications






305 L
404 L
603 L
810 L
1062 L
0,66 m
0,76 m
0,92 m
1,29 m
1,29 m
0,66 m
0,76 m
0,92 m
1,10 m
1,10 m
0,79 m
0,79 m
0,79 m
0,79 m
1,04 m
24 kg
27 kg
33 kg
49 kg
55 kg
Ground surface area
0,44 m²
0,57 m²
0,84 m²
1,41 m²
1,41 m²
Full lid opening
0,39 m²
0,52 m²
0,82 m²
0,95 m²
0,95 m²
Lid half-opening
0,19 m²
0,26 m²
0,41 m²
0,47 m²
0,47 m²
Lid & side thickness
18 mm
18 mm
18 mm
18 mm
18 mm


To meet the various composting needs of local authorities, the wooden Compostys® is split into 2 ranges:

  • The square range reserved for private individuals (305 L / 404 L / 603 L)
  • The hexagonal range, which can be used by groups (810 L / 1062 L)


Whatever the model, the composter can be assembled by one person in a few minutes and without tools.







Step 1

Panel assembly

Lay the composter panels flat, then slide the rods into the hinges before raising the assembly.

Step 2

Fid the lid

Place the lid making sure to wedge the battens into the corners of the composter.

Step 3

Close the lock

The composter can be delivered with a lock option. All you have to do is close it with the small tensioner provided.



Lid lock

To protect the composter contents, even in strong winds.



For local authorities that want to convey their image using the composter, a pyrography process is available.

Guide du compostage pour composteur français Quadria

Composting guide

To remind of the different composting phases and give the advice needed to obtain quality compost.


Food waste collection bins

To collect fermentables and take them to the composter more easily.


Volumes available:
Small volumes: from 7 to 10 litres
Large volumes: from 23 to 50 litres


Mixing tools

To regularly aerate your composter contents.

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