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Above-ground containers

QUADRIA offers 4 ranges of aerial columns, each of which can be integrated harmoniously into any type of environment: urban, semi-urban or rural.

Our range of

Above-ground containers


The LOLLY® container is available in several volumes: from 1 to 4 m3.
Designed to facilitate waste collection and the everyday life of end-users, it has several strengths: a comfort shelf, disabled access, and waste extraction facilitated by its shape.

Above-ground containers


Suitable for the collection of all types of waste, the CUBA above ground container range is available in metal or wood, from 1 to 5 m3.3.

Above-ground containers


Linéance® above ground containers provide a large storage capacity and are suitable for the pre-collection of household and industrial waste. Their design means they fit into any environment.

Above-ground containers


The QUADRIA teams have developed this range of above-ground containers by specifically adapting it to the mechanical constraints associated with its use.

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