Quadria helps French local authorities reduce their waste production

To meet the requirements of the “Grenelle de l’Environnement” and the energy transition legislation for green growth, QUADRIA helps local authorities in France set up the incentive fee so that they can reduce waste production while maintaining quality service.


Through the incentive fee, French local authorities are allowed to charge more fairly according to the amount of waste generated by each household.


The sociological, political and geographical specificities of local authorities make each one a unique case to study. This means taking into account the previous purchases made by the local authority in question and harmonising, completing or changing the bins, fitting out the refuse collection trucks, or even choosing the software that will compile the data collected by the electronic chips.


We can support you in all the phases of this process, from the implementation of the incentive fee, to invoicing, an audit and equipping your bins.



  • Audit

Definition of needs, analysis of the existing situation, the constraints and the specificities. Proposal and validation of technical, technological and financial orientations in line with the local authority’s political will.


  • Communication to users

To inform them of the switch to the incentive fee.


  • Completion of the survey

Census of kerbside waste producers (address, size of household), with a notice of passage if they are absent at the time, online form, office, toll-free number, or specific website.


  • Data analysis

Delivery of the file and your user data analysis. Recommendations for the management of waste in your community (volume and identification of existing bins, volume at public drop-off points, composters, etc.).


  • Equipment implementation

Equipment of existing assets or distribution of new containers fitted with an electronic chip. Installation of access controls and badge readers in the waste recycling centres.


  • Equipment of refuse collection trucks

With an embedded reading system to identify the producer, the operatives can total their production (number of collections, weight), but also manage blacklists or create asset maintenance operations.


  • Asset management

Creation / modification of supplier-specific data. Management and maintenance of container assets (bins, public drop-off points). Management of producer black and white lists (collection and access management). Preparation of the Household Waste Collection Fee invoices. Community waste management policy steerage.


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