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Street furniture

Benches, litter bins, ashtrays, barriers, bicycle garages… QUADRIA distributes a variety of urban equipment, integrating perfectly into the city environment.

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Street furniture

Outdoor equipment

QUADRIA proposes a wide range of products for your town’s outdoor equipment. Bollards, barriers, benches, litter bins, shelters, … This furniture is made in France, and combines robustness, aesthetics and functionality.

Street furniture

Ashtray bollard

The ashtray bollard has two functions: it prevents cigarette butts from being dropped on the public highway while protecting pedestrians.
The wall-mounted version can be attached to smoking shelter uprights.

Street furniture

LIPSTICK ashtray

Its modern and sleek design makes this outdoor ashtray fit in with existing street furniture. Available as a wall-mounted or free-standing version, LIPSTICK is aesthetically pleasing but no less robust: its metal structure is fireproof.

Street furniture

QUALYS Vigipirate litter bin

QUALYS litter bins meet both the requirements of the Vigipirate standards and the increasingly common will to promote waste sorting, particularly in public spaces (shopping centres, stations, streets, etc.).

Street furniture


Using CYCLO-BLOC®, bicycles are completely immobilised, both by the rail holding the back wheel and by the fibreglass cap. The latter protects the saddle from theft, but also from the elements for more cyclist comfort.

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