LIPSTICK ashtray

Its modern and sleek design makes this outdoor ashtray fit in with existing street furniture. Available as a wall-mounted or free-standing version, LIPSTICK is aesthetically pleasing but no less robust: its metal structure is fireproof.

  • Design
  • Robust
  • Modular
  • Easy to use
  • Other ashtray ranges available on request

Expert opinion

"LIPSTICK blends into every urban environment, as it easily fits in with existing furniture. Its two versions offer different installation solutions, allowing this ashtray to fit into any environment without obstructing pedestrian traffic."

Patricia D.

Quadria adviser



Reminiscent of lipstick, our ashtray design is modern and sleek. The materials used in the manufacturing process and the selected colour are sober, thereby making it easy for this ashtray to blend into our towns and cities.



Its triangular key lock and fireproof metal structure protect it from vandalism. Furthermore, its fixings are solid: either embedded or on a plate for the free-standing version, by metal strips
for the wall-mounted version.



The LIPSTICK range has 2 different models: free standing or wall mounted.

The latter can, for example, be fixed to a lamppost using metal bands.


Easy to use

The ashtray is easy and quick to empty.

Step 1: Open the ashtray head using the key.

Step 2: Remove the cigarette butt container using its handle.

Technical specifications

Free-standing ashtray

Wall mounted ashtray

Height (in mm)
Diameter (in mm)
Cigarette butt container (in litres)
Lock type
Triangular key
Triangular key
Fixing type
Embedded or on a plate
On post, by strips
Polyester powder-coating
Poudre de polyester laquée au four

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